“Hiring a professional will save time & money” Dustless Floor Refinishing


“Hiring a professional will save time & money” There are projects you can tackle yourself; but when it comes to dustless hardwood floor refinishing? consider hiring us, @Notorious Flooring… Handymen, painters and even some general contractors all think they can refinish hardwood floors, but it’s not that easy. Regardless of how handy you are, most do-it yourselves can’t do the right job sanding and refinishing hardwood floors. One reason is that you can’t rent the same equipment that a professional has. Rental equipment always consists of 110-volt machines that plug directly into your electrical outlets; and are usually only 3/4 horsepower. Even the most experienced wood floor refinishing mechanics have trouble doing the right job with these machines. Professional floor sanding machines are 7 horsepower and are 220 volt. These machines are much more powerful and when employed draw high amperage. For this reason they need to be connected directly to your circuit breaker panel with special clips. For the rental industry this becomes a liability issue, thus making it impossible for them to offer the right machine. In addition, we have equipment you can’t rent. Also, NOT available at your local rental store, is our 10+ years of experience in the Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing industry. Aside of the equipment issue, floor sanding and refinishing is an art. It takes time to develop the skill needed to perfectly sand a wood floor. When staining and finishing it helps to know which products are reliable & compatible; otherwise the finish can per-maturely wear or worse… peel from the surface. As professionals we offer a range of products to suit any budget, but prefer to use only the best finishes on our customer’s floors. Before you spend time and money on the advice of your local rental store clerk , think about hiring Notorious Flooring for your professional dustless hardwood floor refinishing needs. The results are guaranteed and that’s our Dustless Floor Refinishing Warning!