Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Wilmington Dust-Less vs. Sand-Less @ Notorious Flooring

Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Wilmington Dust-Less vs. Sand-Less @ Notorious Flooring

Dust-Less vs. Sand-Less

True dustless hardwood floor refinishing should really be recognized as a restoration. Wood floors are sanded to bare wood removing the old finish, wax, deep scratches and stains leaving the old wood to appear as new again. Once new stain color and floor finish is applied, the result is a restored or for the point of this article a Refinished Hardwood Floor, Oh Yea! While searching for dust-less hardwood floor refinishing, one will find different Phraseology about the process, making the decision on who to hire confusing. The biggest play on words pertains to dust-less floor refinishing because nobody wants their house to get covered in toxic dust, no way Jose… Since the invention of the wood floor sanding machines, the normal is to tie a dust collection bag all machines exhaust pipes; the exhaust blower fan would then blow the dust into the bag. 

Dust-Less floor refinishing is accomplished by removing the machines dust collection bag, and attaching hoses to which the other end is connected to a vacuum. The concept is simple and can work better than your expectations. Heavy duty commercial  portable vacuums are better because they are more powerful; and the power of the system is crucial to get the proper results. There is no comparison and the standard portable systems are just a way for someone to claim dust free bragging rights; they don’t work because they are nothing more than glorified shop vacs, lol… Dustless floor refinishing is now in the industries spotlight, and is separating the men from the boys. Beware of this and make sure the contractor you hire has made the investment in proper equipment before you make an investment in them.


Sand-less refinishing is exactly what is says. There is no sanding to bare wood so there obviously is no saw dust to worry about…but, your floors are not being restored. Typically the sand-less method includes what’s called wet burnishing. They place an abrasives disk like a screen or wet 3M scrubbing pad under a Buffer machine and run it over the surface of the floor. Sometimes mineral spirit is used to remove wax dirt, or residual build up from cleaning products. Once the surface is prepared they tint the finish a color you select and apply it to the floor. The bottom line is you’re getting a good cleaning and a re-coat of tinted finish. I personally haven’t met anybody that has been real happy with the service. As a matter of fact, I get the calls from irate people who wasted their money and want to have their floors restored properly. The usual complaints are: The finish peels, the floor slats are not flat, scratches or stains in the wood itself were not removed, the finish is cloudy, and the floors don’t look new. At Notorious Flooring we give you all the information needed about the dust-less hardwood floor sanding procedure to the finish product.