Hardwood Installation

There are more hardwood flooring options than ever before. The experts at Notorious Hardwood Flooring are experienced with all types of wood flooring installation including custom design work with a large supply of domestic and exotic hardwoods flooring from local suppliers. We will bring a rich appearance to your hardwood floor that will provide style and value to your Home.


Refinishing Hardwood

Solid hardwoods age with dignity, showing more character with each passing year while maintaining lasting value. When the time comes to restore your floor to its natural beauty, Notorious Flooring can bring the shine and glow that you used to enjoy. Through the use of quality products and a dustless sanding system, it is our goal to not disrupt your daily routine and get the job completed quickly.

Resurfacing & Recoating

We can help protect and refresh your floors with our re-coating and oiling techniques that bring them back to life.

Specialized Solutions

You have special needs and we have special answers. Dance studios, gym flooring, sport centers and fitness facilities are just a few that we can accommodate. Present us with your needs and let us provide the specialized solution..

Maintenance and Care

Installation of your hardwood flooring is just the beginning of our relationship. We offer Maintenance and Care cleaning, resurfacing, and restoring solutions. When you have questions, contact your friends at Notorious Hardwood Flooring for a quality solution.

Rustic Natural

Supply & Installation

The elegance of hardwood lends itself to a variety of options for furnishing and decorating your interior. Notorious Flooring provides many opportunities including wide plank selections of brilliantly crafted woods. Select the company you can trust to deliver a quick, quality and professional installation.

Custom Design

In some cases, specialized detail and intricate design can take a room from normal to exceptional. We offer custom patterns and parquet designs that enhance the attention you desire.

Dust-Free Refinishing

Sanding is dusty and can be quite messy! Those with dust allergies can be heavily affected by dust that is loose in the house. With Notorious Floorings dust – free refinishing system, we can refinish your floors using a dust containment system where the dust goes through a vacuum system, creating a practically dust free environment!

Custom Hardwood

Details details details! Notorious Flooring wants to customize your flooring to the fine details in your home. We customize inlays, borders, feature strips and we can even include beautiful medallions. These custom features will have you falling in love with your new floors.

Commercial Flooring

Choosing flooring for your commercial property is as important as picking the right flooring for your home. Notorious Flooring will consult you on all of the options when it comes to making the right choice. We will discuss durability and your type of business to help you make the best choice for your property. Our options will work to improve efficiency to save you money.