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Best Time for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Homeowners say it all the time “I want to wait until the summer to refinish hardwood floors so I can have the windows open.” This is a good idea but its no longer necessary because today’s eco-friendly water based finishes don’t emit toxic vapor. A professional dustless hardwood floor refinishing company will close the windows in case of rain, or so the wind doesn’t blow dust or debris onto the wet finish anyway. In the dead of winter when it’s 0 degrees outside, the heat will be on in your home, and dry heat is perfect for floor refinishing because it helps the finish dry fast. Is your last memory of floor refinishing dust everywhere and toxic fumes for weeks? Relax.


Recent dustless hardwood floor refinishing techniques have replaced former inconvenient and messy floor sanding methods. The toxic solvent based polyurethanes have been replaced with Eco-friendly, durable water-based products with aluminum oxide. They dry fast and in most cases, you can even remain in your home while the work is being done. With recent system advancements and proven finish products, now the average floor 800-1000 sq.ft. can be fully refinished conveniently in half the time of the conventional process. Does this sound unbelievable? For complete information, please browse our blogs of hardwood floor refinishing and wood floor finishes. If you have any questions or would like to schedule service, please fill out the form under the contact tab or give us a call.